Let Homsense keep you comfortable and safe.


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Every year 2.1 million homes are robbed. Homsense can help prevent a third of them due to open doors or windows. Place Homsense on any door and get notified of any activity. Homsense can tell when some one knocks or when the door is open. For ultimate fidelity Homsense works with most off the shelf door magnets to give accurate door open and close activity.


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Just like door activity, Homsense can easily monitor your windows. Get notifications on window breakage or check the status of Homsense to see if the window was opened or not.


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Garage doors are commonly left open. It could be as simple as forgetfulness, or the garage remote didn't reach the house, a skateboard in the way, or a pesky cobweb blocking your safety sensor. The problems are many but the solution is simple - hang Homsense on you garage. Get notifications on open, closed and most importantly if the garage door has been left open too long.


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The most valuable (and yes dangerous) items in your home should always be stored somewhere safe and never spared any extra precautions. Place Homsense in your safe or hang it on the door to get notified of any activity.