Let Homsense keep you comfortable and safe.

Gas Sensing

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Homsense is looking out for your health. It can detect a broad range of potentially dangerous gases from Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). These gases could be from paints, lacquers, paint strippers, cleaning supplies, furnishings, office equipment, glues, adhesives and alcohol. VOC's can be odorless and chronic exposure may increase health risk. Homsense can monitor levels of VOC and send alerts about bad air quality. No garage, storage closet or workshop should be without one!


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Homsense makes your home smarter by talking to your thermostat and letting it control the temperature where you want and not where the thermostat is located. With Homsense you can control your environment more precisely. Keep your family comfortable and happy.

Homsense also protects your home by monitoring sudden changes in temperature. In cases of fire or even if you leave your home with the stove on, Homsense will alert you no matter where you are.


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Homsense will help you stay healthy and comfortable. Humidity is an important health factor for our families and our homes. Keep your family comfortable and healthy by knowing the quality of your environment, avoid dry skin and uncomfortable nights with dry throats. Make your home improvements last, keep hardwood floors, cabinets and even carpets fresher.

Keep your sauna at it's optimal temperature and humidity. Be notified when you want the perfect relaxing moment.


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Atmospheric pressure can tell a lot about weather and for the curious minds you can predict your own weather by monitoring pressure trends in your location.