Baby Monitor

Homsense baby monitor can keep track of your baby's room for sounds, air quality, temperature and humidity.


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Homsense can listen and analyze sounds in your baby nursery and alert you when they make a noise. Don't worry about being out of range, Homsense uses the power of the cloud to notify you no matter where you are.

Air Quality

Air quality monitoring.

Most infants spend more than 90% of their time indoors. With todays energy efficient homes, there is less ventilaiton making indoor air quality worse. Homsense can help you monitor the air quality in your loved one's room and keep them happy and healthy.


Temperature monitoring.

Homsense can monitor temperature in your baby's room. It can communicate to your smart thermostat to keep your baby cozy and comfortable. Get notified if it gets too hot or cold. Check your baby's room temperature history any time to make sure they're comfortable all the time.


Humidity monitoring.

Children can not adapt to changes in humidity as quickly and easily as adults. Keep track of humidity in your childs room to avoid irritation in the throat or eyes and reduce favorable conditions for mold and dust mites.