Know when your child needs you.

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Know when your child needs you.

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Know when your child wanders.

Busy streets, swimming pools, even bathrooms can be dangerous for a wandering child. Homsense will help keep your child safe by informing you when a door is opened.

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Did I close my garage?

Homsense uses geofencing to notify you within a few blocks of your home if the garage door did not close.

...or did I leave my window open?

Every year 2.1 million homes are robbed. Homsense can help prevent a third of them due to open doors or windows.

34% of kitchen fires are caused by unattended stoves.
Clothes dryers caused 17,000 fires in 2010 alone, causing $230 million in property damage!

Did you leave your stove ON?

Homsense knows when you leave your home and will alert you if your stove is still ON.

Clogged vents are a fire hazard.

Over time lint from your dryer will clog the vents and can cause a fire.

Homsense monitors the temperature trend to alert you of a potential clog.

Know when you need a plumber.

23% of homeowners suffer property loss due to water damage.

Place Homsense wherever you want to monitor a potential water leak.

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Know what occurs in your home

Many things occur in your home and knowing them should be at the core of your everyday life. Homsense alerts you to critical things like security, fire and water damage, to make your life safer. Health and comfort aspects like monitoring air-quality or knowing when your wash is done are also important for improving your life. None of these occurrences big or small should go unnoticed.